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properties and uses of modified asphalt waterproof coatings

author: date:2017-06-15 views:1162

asphalt has good water resistance and durability, but there are also disadvantages, such as poor flexibility, low extensibility, low temperature easy to crack, especially hot and cold brittle. epoxy floor paint to petroleum asphalt as the base material, adding polymers for modification, made of modified bitumen waterproof coating; has better overall performance. modified bitumen waterproofing coatings mainly include neoprene latex bitumen waterproofing coatings, sbs modified bitumen waterproof coatings and water-emulsion bitumen waterproof coatings.

(1) neoprene latex asphalt waterproof coating is based on cationic neoprene latex and cationic asphalt emulsion as the main raw material, adding paint and additives prepared into a water-emulsion type waterproof coating sbs.

this waterproof coating is characterized by good filming, epoxy floor paint excellent heat resistance, good low temperature flexibility, good extensibility, can fully adapt to grass-roots changes, ozone resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, impermeable, is a low toxicity and safety waterproof coating. the disadvantage is that the tensile strength of the coating film is low, low solids content, storage, transportation and construction above 0 ℃.

applicable to a variety of shapes surface waterproof, waterproof underground, trap leakage, anti-corrosion, but also can be used to improve the impermeability digester and air tightness. if you can guarantee the thickness of the coating, the service life of up to 10 years.

(2) solvent-based neoprene asphalt waterproof coating is a solvent-based neoprene modified petroleum asphalt as the base 1401, adding filler, additives and other waterproof coating.

the waterproof coating has the advantages of cold resistance, heat resistance, cracking resistance, aging resistance, strong adhesive force and convenient operation, and can be applied in all four grades and can be applied in an environment of -6 deg c. the disadvantage is that it contains, explosive and flammable coating film tensile strength is lower, the solid content is suitable for linoleum waterproofing bonding, waterproofing of old buildings and pipeline corrosion.

(3) water emulsion sbs modified asphalt waterproof coating is based on petroleum asphalt as a base material, adding sbs thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber, fillers and additives made of water-emulsion elastic waterproofing material sbs.

sbs is a block copolymer of styrene and butadiene, water-emulsion sbs modified asphalt waterproof coating has excellent low temperature flexibility and crack resistance, good adhesion, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, cold construction, fast drying good weatherability, summer does not flow, the winter does not crack, not brittle, the cement board, concrete panels, wood, brick, foam board, linoleum, iron, glass and other substrates of various materials have good adhesion, is an ideal waterproof, moisture-proof, impermeable material.

however, in practical applications, sbs modified asphalt waterproof coating compatibility is poor, the performance of the storage and use of prone to phase separation, thus affecting its performance.

sbs modified bitumen waterproof coating can be combined with glass cloth or polyurethane non-woven fabric as a composite waterproof layer for waterproof and anti-seepage in roofs, walls, basements, toilets, reservoirs, warehouses, bridges, underground pipes, etc., larger industrial building construction.

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