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root block copper tire base

 date:2017-05-18 views:952


product description:

root block copper tire waterproofing material is independently developed by our company, mainly for waterproof, prevent the root of plants such as waterproof material, in fact, the biggest bright spot is the root of the product, which is to extend the life of the product the most important point.

main feature:

1, the product stops the plant from rooting, to avoid the growth of plants in the material.

2, this product is simple to build, increase efficiency.

3, benzene products, low cost, cheap benefits.

structure and composition:

1, the biggest bright spot of benzene products, as long as it is to prevent the plant rooting, but mainly the role of the metal foil layer in the middle of the product.

2, polyethylene foil on both sides of the metal foil plays an important waterproofing effect, but also played a certain role in preventing rooting.

3, the lower part of the product can be seen as the non-woven fabric layer above, the impact resistance is particularly strong.

4, as shown in the figure, the top layer of polyethylene pe waterproof layer.

product testing:

each batch of products we have been tested by impregnation, bending test, water resistance test. sampling according to the same batch of product code, the same size of the product as a test batch, from a group of products according to the provisions of table 2, the appropriate number of volumes taken from a random number.

application areas:

this product is used in various fields, of which are widely used in construction and industrial.

packing and shipping:

1, with professional wrapping paper roll packaging method.

2, pay attention to keep cool and dry during transport to avoid the invasion of rain, the sun's exposure and sources of ignition.

3, the process of storage of fire waterproof moisture sun, etc., the general shelf life of one year.

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