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long fiber polyester tire

 date:2017-05-18 views:1007


product description:

filament polyester tire is the upgrading of polyester tire products, he is the use of high-strength polyester chips as raw materials, into a special process, is a new type of polyester tires, is the architectural new products.

main feature:

enhance the polyester tire compression, tensile, thermal stability, wear resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other capabilities, in short, increase life expectancy.

skills requirement:

for the bitumen waterproofing membrane polyester tire requirements are relatively high, in addition to the requirements of the polyester tire itself, but also the surface of the machine even, there must be no bumps, the surface must be tidy. for our different grades of polyester tires, the corresponding drug breaking capacity, width deviation, elongation at break and so on are not the same, the chart is shown below.

product testing:

each batch of products we have been tested by impregnation, bending test, water resistance test. sampling according to the same batch of product code, the same size of the product as a test batch, from a group of products according to the provisions of table 2, the appropriate number of volumes taken from a random number.

application areas:

this product is used in various fields, of which are widely used in construction and industrial.

packing and shipping:

1, with professional wrapping paper roll packaging method.

2, pay attention to keep cool and dry during transport to avoid the invasion of rain, the sun's exposure and sources of ignition.

3, the process of storage of fire waterproof moisture sun, etc., the general shelf life of one year.


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