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silicone rubber waterproof coating

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product description

this product is divided into sbs modified bitumen waterproof coating, rubber modified bitumen waterproof coating, asphalt bridge waterproof coating, is a thermoplastic rubber (sbs, sis) or styrene butadiene rubber (sbr), neoprene (cr) (nr), polyethylene (pe), polyethylene (pp), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (eva), polyvinyl chloride (pvc), apao as modifier, together with the liquid road asphalt, petroleum resin processed.


★ as the polymer under temperature and mechanical action, the asphalt into its three-dimensional network structure, as an organic polymer elastomer, greatly improve the performance of asphalt, rubber products to give the characteristics.

★ easy construction, wide range of applications, the obvious advantages of the construction of complex parts.

★ easy maintenance, as long as the damaged parts of the local maintenance, still can achieve the original waterproof effect.

★ after curing to form a seamless, complete flexible waterproof layer, improve the waterproof impermeability of construction, is the coil products can not be achieved.

performance standards


construction notes

★ grass-roots requirements of the formation, solid, can not afford sand, hollow place with mortar leveling.

★ stir before use (barrel precipitation is normal, can be used after mixing).

★ brushing thickness must be controlled within 0.5 mm, otherwise the surface of the film after the solvent evaporation slow, there will be sticky hand phenomenon, in case of this situation, sprinkle a layer of powder on the surface, wipe before proceeding to the next construction.


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