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polymer cement (js) composite waterproof coating

 date:2017-05-18 views:1055


product description

this product is a new type of waterproof material developed in developed countries in europe, america, japan and south korea in recent years. it is a two-component water-based architectural waterproof coating made of building polymer emulsion and specialty cement as main raw materials and other additives , so with the "rigid and flexible" waterproof.


★ environmentally friendly products, water-borne, tasteless, convenient construction, wide application, construction of complex parts has obvious advantages.

★ after curing to form a seamless, complete flexible waterproof layer, improve the building

★ engineering waterproof impermeability, is the coil products can not be achieved.

★ coating has a high strength and extensibility, the grass-roots cracking or expansion adaptability.

★ easy maintenance, as long as the damaged parts of the local maintenance, still can achieve the original waterproof effect.

★ this product has bright colors, can play the role of decorative landscaping, the grass-roots moisture content requirements lax, damp base surface can be constructed.

performance standards

construction notes

★ grass-roots requirements of the formation, solid, can not afford sand, hollow place with mortar leveling.

★ ingredients, the first liquid into the bucket, slowly stirring into the powder, stir well before use.

★ brushing, the material will be poured down on the grassroots level, spread evenly with a scraper or brush, each coating should be between 0.5-1.0 mm, according to the requirements of the construction of the number of times.

★ water avoidance experiment should be done after 7 days, the water is easily soaked in water in a short time.

★ this product storage temperature above 0 ℃, construction temperature above 5 ℃.


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