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sbs (app) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane

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product description 

the product is impregnated with elastomer (sbs) or thermoplastic (asp, apao, etc.) modified asphalt impregnated tire base, both sides coated with elastic or plastically modified asphalt coating, the upper surface is sprinkled with fine sand, mineral particles ) or polyethylene film and the like.

the product is used with good water resistance and anti-aging properties, and has a high temperature does not flow low temperature is not brittle, the construction is simple, long lifeless features.

widely used in industrial and civil buildings roofing, basement, bathroom and bridges, parking, swimming pools, tunnels, reservoirs and other buildings waterproofing, moisture-proof, steam, impermeability and various types of roof maintenance works. sbs modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is especially used for waterproofing of buildings in cold and structural deformation areas. aspp modified bitumen membrane is suitable for waterproofing of buildings in high temperature and strong solar radiation area.


construction operation requirements

basic requirements: grassroots must be smooth, clean, dry, moisture content should be less than 9%, and then use the base oil evenly painted brush base surface, to be dry before construction.

coil paving order: the order of the first high, low after the cross; the same height far and near; the same plane from the bottom began to spread. paving in the direction of the slope of<3% parallel="" to="" the="" direction="" of="" roof="" when="" slope="" is="" between="" or="" perpendicular="" paving:="">15% perpendicular to the roof when paving.

paving method:

hot-melt method: use a flame spray gun or other heating tools to align the bottom surface of the coil and the base layer uniformly. when the surface asphalt starts to dissolve and is in a black state, the coil is bake and compacted with a roll. at the same time should pay attention to adjust the size and speed of the flame, the asphalt temperature maintained at between 200 ~ 250 ℃. after the construction is completed, cold sealing adhesive should be used to seal the tower.

cold and sticky method: use rubber scraper to apply polymer modified asphalt adhesive uniformly on the surface of grassroots, and then spread the material while using rubber roller to promote the web while removing air to compaction. when the environment is stable below 15 ℃, hot melt method should be used to deal with the tower site and the first part of the web.

tower treatment: long side of the tower connected to the single-layer waterproof tower width ≥ 100mm, double waterproof ≥ 80mm, short-side tower connected to the single-layer should be ≥ 150mm, double should be ≥ 100mm. at the same time, paste to be uniform, can not leak or melt leakage coating, there should be excess hot melt asphalt or cold adhesive extrusion and the formation of bar.

inspection and acceptance: after the construction is completed to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the water surface without drum kits, wrinkles, off and a large shell and other phenomena, so smooth, beautiful, thus ensuring the waterproof life of the membrane.



1. the conditions of the basement are complex. it is very important to finish the closing process. therefore, it is necessary to carefully construct and seal the overlap (or joint) to ensure the integrity of the waterproof layer. the lap joint is the weak point of the waterproof layer. therefore must be sealed edge processing.

2. the operator shall not wear nail shoes, should wear soft flat construction.

3. winter construction should choose the coil low temperature flexibility lower than the temperature 10 ℃ products, and the coil stored at 0 ℃ above the place before use into the scene, handling to prevent breakage.

4. hot-melt construction, brushing the grass-roots processing agent must be dry for 4 hours (more sticky feet above) can be carried out coil shop, in order to avoid fire, the construction site should be equipped with the appropriate amount of fire-fighting equipment.

package transportation and storage

1. products using paper packaging or plastic tape roll packaging.

2. transport to prevent the sun and rain, prohibit access to fire, to prevent collision, protect the packaging intact.

3. the product should be sealed and stored in the warehouse, stored in a cool and ventilated place, close to the fire.

4. under normal storage and transportation conditions, the storage period is 12 months from the date of production.



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