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k11 waterproof coating

 date:2017-05-18 views:920

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product description

permanent crystal waterproof coating using imported masterbatch, portland cement as base material, mixed with powder cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof coating, product quality in line with gb18445-2001 standards, which are as follows:

1, the paint contains active chemical substances, water as a medium, the role of water gradually penetrate into the pores of the concrete structure, the catalytic interaction between calcium silicate and ca (oh) 2, in the pore to generate insoluble fibrous crystals .

2, structure in the pore water absorption expansion, is the concrete structure of the pores dense, tiny cracks healed, effectively blocking the water channel, improve the resistance to water penetration of concrete structures.

3, the crystal can still be activated by water after many years, under the action of water, continue to grow new crystals, play the role of once again impermeable, effectively improve the incisive self-healing ability of the concrete structure again after the penetration, so this product with secondary impermeability.

the scope of application

for indoor and outdoor concrete, masonry waterproof and impermeable structure, waterproof basement waterproofing, roof, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, reservoir, drinking water pool, cesspool, dams, tunnels, culverts, highways, airport runways and concrete all the structural defects of the building facilities repair plugging.

construction steps

1, the grass-roots processing clean, smooth and solid.

2, the construction of the dry base surface must be fully saturated with water infiltration of concrete, but not only the surface wetting, to no ming water can be directly applied.

3, add 0.36-0.4 kg of water per kilogram of powder stir into a paste, using plastering, scraping, brushing method for construction.

4, brushing, with hard bristles brushes or nylon brushes will be painted with a circular brushing method (brushed brush with a circular motion path) brushing has been dealt with the concrete surface.

5, layer construction, layer thickness must be controlled, the material per square meter 1.2-1.5kg special parts per square meter of material 1.5-1.8kg

6, conservation is very important, when the curing layer will not be damaged by spraying water conservation can start, you must carefully care for 2-3 days, spraying water 3-5 times a day.


construction temperature 5 ℃ -35 ℃, to avoid sun exposure, rain erosion and strong wind fierce blow.

storage: requirements store in a dry and ventilated place

shelf life: 12 months


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