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polypropylene special dry glue

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water-soluble dry powder is a special polymer, the powder formed after drying at high temperature, soluble in water, with high flexibility, high weatherability and a variety of substrates with high viscosity, with super-viscous then the strength of cement paste made of cement made with good workability, water retention, water resistance, especially for polypropylene, polyester, waterproofing membrane bonding.

instructions for use: 

first, with the plastic ratio: add the amount of dry glue 2% of the weight of cement, that is, a bag of 50 kg of cement with a bag of 1.0 kg of dry powder;

second, with plastic methods: first, a bag of dry glue 6-12 kg of cement dry mix evenly, while stirring while adding water 27.5-32.5 kg of water, stir after adding the remaining cement, stirring until no clot, no precipitation, no foam can be.

high-tech products, non-toxic and tasteless, small and light body, easy to transport, easy to operate.

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