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construction method of modified bitumen membrane

author: date:2017-05-18 views:3162

1, with a broom or high pressure dust blower for primary cleaning.

2, brushing the base oil, such as the use of cold and sticky construction can not brushing.

3, the cracks, holes, ditch, wall, tube, angle these complex shape, stress concentration, radiant easy to cause leakage of the node site, to be reinforced layer construction.

4, when the use of cold-stick construction, the overall cold adhesive brushing, control a certain thickness, uniform thickness, at any time after the pavement sbs membrane must be lapped along the water slope, the membrane lap edge width of not less than 7cm vertical, horizontal not less than 10cm, when paving to rush to the air in the coil, to do seal sealing, double waterproof structure construction, to be the first layer of waterproof construction is completed, and then the second layer of waterproof construction, applying shaving cold adhesive, paving methods and web overlap requirements with the first layer of the same, for the cold wall of the daughter of the wall requires hot-melt method paving construction. lap lap, seam edge sealing method recommended hot melt sealing construction, and then use the cold adhesive treatment.

5, when using the flame spray evenly baking the bottom surface of the coil, when the bottom of the coil baked to shiny black, oiled has melted, and then force the roll forward push, then a person with a small roll will be lap lap compaction to make it sticky, as lap edge width, lap direction and cold sticky method the same. hot-melt construction workers are completed, should be used in order to seal the edge of the adhesive seal.

6, waterproof layer construction is completed, to be checked, no bubbling, wrinkles

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