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polymer waterproofing membrane

 date:2017-05-20 views:946


product description

lf115-150 series polyethylene polythene multi-layer composite waterproofing membrane is developed on the basis of fully researching the existing waterproof and anti-seepage products according to the new requirements of waterproofing and anti-seepage materials of our country's modern waterproofing engineering. the product is the selection of multi-layer synthetic polymer sheet material, the use of new technologies, new technology composite processing of a new type of waterproof material. product implementation: gb18173.1-2006


★ the product consists of different materials, product performance has been significantly improved, especially the anti-aging layer of the product alone, greatly improving product life, up to 50 years.

★ the upper and lower surfaces of the product are rough, the non-woven fiber has a random cross structure, forming a three-dimensional mesh, making it high tensile strength, impermeability, good low temperature flexibility, small expansion coefficient, low temperature rise effect, strong ability, coefficient of friction, can be used with a variety of adhesives, bonding effect is good.

★ this product can be bonded with cement base cement paste can be used as cement, cement paste can directly enter the surface of the membrane mesh, with the cement solidification as a whole, there is no cement paste aging, mildew, hydrolysis and other issues, it is permanently bonded, not peeled.

★ after the construction of the waterproof layer surface can be directly decorated (such as paste tiles, floor tiles, mosaics, wipe the mud, etc.).

★ there is no special requirement for the water content of leveling layer (grassroots) during the construction using this product. as long as there is no water to be constructed, the construction quality is reliable.

★ the product is a series of polyethylene resin polymer waterproofing membrane, is a non-toxic, pollution-free green products.

product structure

lf115-150 series of polyethylene polypropylene multi-layer polymer composite waterproofing membrane is mainly non-woven fabrics and polyethylene as the main raw material, by adding additives to improve the performance of a reinforced protective layer, anti-aging layer, waterproof layer and thickening reinforced four-layer sheet material as one of the composite waterproof material.

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