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root-puncture waterproofing membrane

 date:2017-05-20 views:885


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product description

planting roofing special root puncture modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, for planting roof, roof garden dedicated. this product uses the technology and formula of austria herbl tect root puncture resistant bitumen membrane, combined with the climatic characteristics of our country, not only to achieve the purpose of planting roof to prevent penetration of the root system, but also retains the original nature of waterproof membrane characteristics, and compared with the same type of metal-based puncture-resistant waterproofing membrane, it has the advantages of low price, easy construction and waterproof effect, and is the best choice for planting roofing and roof garden.


leading domestic level, planting roof waterproofing membrane advocates!

non-toxic and tasteless, to prevent root penetration, technology original!

effectively stop the roots penetrate the seams, performance superior to all similar products!

green roof protection, beautify the ecological environment, save energy, clean the air!

adapt to all regions of the country climate and plant characteristics, drip leak! anti-corrosion and corrosion, the service life of 50 years!

planting roof structure formation


product specifications

coil nominal width of 1000 mm, 2ooo mm

the thickness of the coil is 4mm

nominal coil length: 1o m

special specifications according to requirements.

construction method

and flexible modified asphalt waterproofing membrane construction methods the same.

planting roof design points

structural layer: intensity level of not less than c20 cast-in-situ reinforced concrete roof suitable for the structural layer.

find slope: a certain intensity of light materials, ceramsite, aerated concrete, slope should be 1% -3%

insulation: with a certain degree of thermal conductivity and small, low water absorption of the material. such as extruded polystyrene foam insulation board, rigid foam polyurethane insulation materials, you can also use foam glass, up to no more than 4 cm thick.

screed: to do a waterproofing layer need to do a step, also need to shop roll. with a flexible waterproof layer, wipe cement mortar, smooth, moisturizing, beneficial conservation, may not have crisp, sand and hollowing phenomenon.

waterproof layer: use of environmentally friendly water, corrosion-resistant, rotten mildew, excellent performance and the grass-roots expansion or deformation of the flexible adaptability of the coil or coating for flexible waterproof layer.

root puncture layer: the type of root puncture-resistant waterproof material is mainly non-toxic and pollution-free physical resistance of the membrane and the chemical resistance of the membrane, especially the recommended brand (js · herbitect) planting roof dedicated root piercing modification asphalt waterproofing membrane.

row (storage) of water: laying on the root puncture layer with a certain gap and carrying capacity, as well as water storage plastic drainage board, rubber drainage board or vermiculite particle size of 20-50 mm drainage layer , to facilitate the timely removal of excess water.

filter layer: to prevent the loss of planting soil, laid in the drainage layer 200-250g / m2 polyester non-woven filter layer.

green vegetation: according to or cultivation, or paving a lawn grass and soilless turf blanket, or planted with box planting specific planting forms and planting soil thickness. select suitable for the local climatic conditions, especially for small environment, drought and cold and ecological and environmental requirements of flowers and trees.

the efficiency of planting roofing

expand the amount of urban greening, enhance the urban landscape effect.

purify the air, ease the heat island effect, improve the urban ecology.

save energy, optimize urban living environment.

protecting construction and building waterproofing materials. economical roof planting, economical and practical.


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