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pvc waterproofing membrane

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product description

polyvinyl chloride (pvc) waterproofing membrane is a high performance polymer waterproof material, adding various types of special additives and anti-aging components, the use of advanced equipment and advanced production technology. the product has the characteristics of large tensile strength, high elongation, small shrinkage, good low temperature flexibility and long service life. the products have the advantages of width of 1.05m, 2.05m, 2.10m, thickness of 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0mm specifications can be customized), product performance and stability, reliable, easy construction.



★ long service life, anti-aging, roofing materials can be used for more than 20 years, underground up to 50 years.

★ high tensile strength, high elongation, heat treatment, small size changes.

★ low temperature flexibility is good, to adapt to changes in environmental temperature is good.

★ resistant to root system permeability, can be made into planting roofing.

★ anti-puncture is good.

★ easy construction, welding, solid and reliable and environmentally friendly pollution-free.

★ chemical corrosion resistance, for special occasions.

★ has good plasticity, corner detail processing convenient and quick.

★ easy maintenance. low cost.

the main performance indicators

no. item index test results 1 tensile strength - - (n / cm) ≥ 160 longitudinal 241 transverse 2232 elongation at break /% ≥200 longitudinal 296 transverse 2873 heat treatment dimensional change rate ≤1.0 longitudinal 0.53 transverse 0.234 low temperature endurance -25 ℃ no crack no cracks 5 perforated impermeability impermeable 6 impermeability impermeability water impermeable 7 adhesion in shear state (n / cm) ≥3.0 or web destruction qualified 8 heat aging appearance no foaming, cracks, bonds and holes meet the standard requirements tensile force% ± 20 longitudinal -0.73 transverse 0.35 elongation at break% longitudinal -7.6 lateral -0.3 low temperature tensile at 20 ℃ no cracks no cracks 9 chemical resistance rally rate of change% ± 20 longitudinal 2 transverse 2 elongation at break% longitudinal -6 lateral 0 low temperature tensile tensile at -20 ℃ no crack no crack 10 artificial climate accelerated aging tensile change% ± 20 longitudinal -3 longitudinal 5 longitudinal rate of change in length% longitudinal -4 lateral 2 cold tensile tensile at -20 ℃ no cracks no cracks.

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