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cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof coating

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product description

cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof coating is the use of pi or p.ii above 42.5 # silicate cement, quartz sand as a base material, incorporation of high-activity chemical composition of the gray powder waterproof coating, when painted on the concrete surface, the high-active material contained in this product is rapidly excited by free water to release the unique reactive group r2- and dissolved and dispersed in water to form a high-concentration region of the active group r2- on the concrete surface in the presence of water. due to the concentration gradient, the active r2-groups diffuse into the concrete matrix along the water. because of the large amount of hexagonal flaky ca (oh) 2 crystals in concrete hardened cement paste, when the active r2-group encounters ca2 ions in the vicinity of ca (oh) 2 crystals, the ca2 r2-, thereby increasing the solubility of ca2 , prompting the cement hydration product ca (oh) 2 crystals dissolved.

the complex ca2 -r2- will diffuse with moisture in concrete defects (such as pores and cracks). when it encounters sio32- ions in silicon-rich region, sio32- will replace the active group in ca2 -r2- r2-, precipitation occurred hydrated calcium silicate crystals, these crystals continue to grow and grow, so as to fill the concrete cracks and pores. the unique active group r2 - again reverted to free radicals, continue to cycle and ca2 complex occurs, the occurrence of migration and precipitation, crystallization.

penetration of crystalline activity in the absence of water in the dormant state, in the presence of moisture, the above process will be able to cycle, the infiltration of crystalline activity will be activated, which can repeatedly repair the concrete defects, to achieve a permanent waterproof effect. in addition, the formation of complex ca2 -r2- increased the apparent solubility of ca2 , which promoted the further dissolution of c3s and c2s in the unhydrated concrete in the concrete matrix, and continued the hydration reaction to generate hydration products. further, plug the capillary pores and cracks isotonic waterways, so as to further improve the impermeability of concrete matrix.


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