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epdm rubber waterproofing membrane

 date:2017-05-18 views:1127


product description

polymer epdm waterproofing membrane is recognized in the world of polymer waterproofing materials in the most excellent performance of a highly flexible waterproof material is the most commonly used in the world a waterproof material is the focus of the ministry of construction to promote the new chemical one of the building materials. epdm waterproofing membrane, using the world's production of polymer elastomer waterproofing membrane of the most advanced continuous extrusion vulcanization as one of the production equipment and processes, computer control, process stability. strict selection of materials, advanced formulations, according to iso9001 quality system of production, all the production process has always been in control of the state, to ensure high-performance products, high-quality, waterproofing membrane more compact, no bubbles, no vertical and horizontal performance differences. performance of products meet or exceed gb18173.1-2000 standards, has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

polymer epdm waterproofing membrane with single-layer construction, cold work, light weight, anti-aging, long life, high tensile strength, elongation, adaptability to the primary shrinkage and cracking deformation, wide range of use (-40 ℃ to 100 ℃) and other characteristics, superior waterproof performance, service life up to 50 years, has been hailed as "king of water."

the scope of application

various industries, civil buildings, bridges and culverts, tunnels, dams, reservoirs and other construction projects and a variety of underground works of waterproof, moisture barrier.

storage, transportation, storage

waterproof membrane and supporting adhesive should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, and away from heat. adhesives containing organic solvents, are flammable, in the use, storage, transportation should pay attention to fire prevention. supporting adhesive storage period of one year to the late test pass can be used.

construction introduction

1. grassroots should be smooth, dry, clean, no crisp, sand, peeling phenomenon.

2. the grass-roots level should be cleaned before construction and foreign objects should be eradicated.

3. the waterproofing membrane fully spread on the grassroots level, in order to relax the stress of the sheet. with the grass-roots adhesive glue in accordance with the amount of smear on the grass-roots level and the surface of the sheet until the adhesive is basically not sticky hands, smooth shop, compaction.

4. in the second roll of material, should be in the first roll overlap 100mm protruding edge, not coated with base adhesive, according to the requirements of the three paving the sheet on the grassroots level, in order to complete the laying of the work. when laying, never tighten the waterproofing membrane vigorously.

5 grass-roots paving is completed, with a special solvent scrub lap joints, fully dry after lap adhesive coated on both sides of the seam, to be fully dried glue, and then painted the second time, until the glue dry to sticky hands after rolling flat, compaction.

6. pay attention to fire prevention during construction. basement airtight construction site shall be equipped with good ventilation facilities before construction.

product main technical indicators product executive: gb18173 standard (the standard equivalent to use jisa6008)

 tear strength

itemunittechnical indicators
tensile strength at breakmpa≥7.5
elongation at break%≥450

impermeable,0.3min.0.3mpa-no leakage
cold bending≤-40
heat expansion and contractionextendmm<2
hot air is aging        (80℃×168h)tensile strength retention at break%≥80
elongation retention rate%≥70
ozone aging(40℃×168h),elongation40%,500pphm-no cracks
adhesive propertiesfrom the baseline offset and stripping length of 5mm below, and no harmful migration and abnormal spots


itemthickness(mm)allowable deviation(%)width(mm)area is (m2 / roll)
specification1.0 1.2 1.5 1.8 2.0-10- 15120024

thickness 2.0mm area 18m2 / roll

special requirements agreed upon by both supply and demand


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