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oil felt

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the main purpose of the oil felt: mechanical oil seal with wool felt seal the best oil performance. oven, freezer, need to seal the use of flat felt the strongest sealing performance. as the wool felt structure is not easy to flow the air felt the best thermal insulation, wool has excellent sharpness, the use of wool felt wheel polishing, polishing the best products, the best use of wool felt filter the best degree of cleaning, seat, pad, lining with wool felt flexible and wearable, it is the arms armory, tractor factory, automobile factory, shipyard, frame machine factory, factory, bicycle saddle factory, glass factory, mirror factory, filter factory, chemical plant , power plant, textile machinery factory, lamp down cashmere factory, printing and dyeing factory, bearing factory, watch factory, enameled wire factory, electroplating factory, electric furnace factory, radio factory, products, can be used for roofs, roof shelter wind and rain, usually mixed with asphalt, waterproof!

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