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waterproof material waterproofing technology important performance

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waterproofing is a very important project, the so-called water treatment is the biggest role in preventing water leakage and domestic water erosion of buildings, waterproofing materials are also very particular about the material from r & d to production, every procedure must be required strict implementation, we can see the general nature of waterproofing.

waterproofing technology developed very early in the country, people in ancient times very subtle architectural design, after thousands of years remains intact, the most important reason is that roofing is very appropriate, therefore, the quality of waterproofing projects the most directly affect the life of the building , also affect people's normal life is normal. with the development of the domestic construction industry, the progress made since the reform and opening up to the present is very large. the high-rise buildings and large-span buildings have been increasing day by day. roof gardens and rooftop swimming pools have appeared one after another. therefore, the importance of water conservancy projects in underground structures on the other hand, with the improvement of science and technology, the technical content of all kinds of waterproof materials has also been correspondingly upgraded, which has enriched the raw materials in the market and also raised the usage rate of waterproof materials.

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