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 weifang luyang waterproof material co ., ltd. is located in china's hometown of waterproofing materials - shouguang city, taiwan town industrial park. waterproof industry is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, construction in one of the high-tech waterproof professional company, is rising in the waterproofing industry in recent years a new star.

  our main research and development, production: sbs / app modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, polymer polyvinyl chloride (pvc) waterproofing membrane, tpo waterproofing membrane, , polyethylene polypropylene (poly) polymer composite waterproofing membrane, epdm, color glass asphalt shingle, double / one-component polyurethane waterproof coating, water-based 951 polyurethane anti-7k coating, js polymer cement-based elastic waterproof coating, cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing material, polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, silicone waterproof coating, k11 flexible waterproof slurry, powder plugging spirit, polypropylene special dry glue, polyester tire, geotextile, geotextile film, polypropylene cloth, polyester tires, copper tire base and other types of multi-standard waterproof material. enterprise factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with more than 80 skilled workers, the company has a domestic advanced level of large-scale production of high molecular polyethylene polypropylene, polyester composite waterproof material production line each one, the annual design production capacity of 600 million square meters. a polyvinyl chloride (pvc) waterproofing membrane production line, the annual production capacity of 3 million square meters, a building waterproof coating production line, annual output of 5,000 tons, a polyurethane production line, an annual output of 6,000 tons, is in production, research, construction and sales one of the waterproof material specialized enterprises.

  enterprise products for roofing, floors, walls, toilet, water pool, gutters, awnings, airports, highways, bridges, tunnels and so on. the main features of the product are non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. there is no clear water for construction. the surface of the waterproof layer can be directly decorated. especially, polypropylene polyester polymer material has strong hydrophilicity and is easy to be combined with cement for easy construction at low temperature. welcome by users.

  our company produces all kinds of waterproof materials are qualified national quality building materials green products, and through the national management system certification made by the shandong construction commission issued the promotion permit, permit. and made qingdao, jinan, weifang, zibo, binzhou, shanghai, sichuan, chongqing, dalian, zhengzhou and other provinces and cities for the record card. enterprises in strict accordance with the iso9001 quality management system standards for management of production, product quality have reached the national standard.

  companies in good faith, pragmatic, innovative and efficient entrepreneurial spirit, with a sound quality assurance system and perfect after-sales service system and colleagues from all walks of life both at home and abroad sincere cooperation and create a grand cause.

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