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asphalt shingles

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housing and office are the center and pride of everyone's life. they also beautify the environment, improve the image of the city, and improve the city's grade standards. the unique roof design is even better with the use of luyang colored asphalt shingles.

product description

lanyang colored asphalt shingles are glass fiber mat as a matrix, after dipping high-quality modified asphalt, covering one side of colored mineral aggregates, sprinkled with the other side of the isolation material made of a new roof tile-like waterproofing material. slope roof for more than 20 ° slope waterproofing. is currently widely used at home and abroad slope of the new waterproof decorative materials.

specifications: length × width: 1000mm × 333mm, the thickness of not less than 2.6mm



* wide range of applications: due to the flexibility of colored asphalt shingles, colored asphalt shingles are suitable for various shapes of buildings, such as curved, circular and other roofing types.

economical and easy construction: colored asphalt shingles can be constructed in any climate and thus shorten the construction cycle. labor-saving costs, but also due to the lighter roof. thus reducing the engineering cost for load-bearing. reasonable cost plus long service life makes the color asphalt shingle roof has a good comprehensive economic indicators.

durable and low maintenance rates: colored asphalt shingles themselves have a long service life, ranging from 20 to 50 years. if properly installed, colored asphalt shingles have little or no repair. even if damaged, it is easy to repair.

aesthetic style harmony: color asphalt shingles blend most of the architectural style, it offers a range of color choices to meet different aesthetic taste requirements. the color of the colored asphalt shingles can be used to complement and set off the natural colors of other building materials such as bricks or stone walls, paint and siding, making the environment more harmonious and beautiful.

product performance

· all-weather: colored asphalt shingles can resist the erosion caused by many climatic factors such as light, heat, rain and winter.

· insulation: color asphalt shingle roof with low thermal conductivity, blocking the heat in the summer from outside to inside the conduction in the winter lost from the inside out, colored asphalt shingles roof can effectively absorb raindrops and other environmental noise, and thus to ensure the comfort and quiet life of the top tenants.

corrosion resistance: color asphalt shingles roof will not appear under the influence of harsh climatic conditions, such as spotting.

· dust-proof and self-cleaning: color asphalt shingles are not easily fouled and form obvious stains. they will not accumulate water stains even under the conditions of long-term rainy season. after being washed by rain water, they will appear cleaner and bright.



construction requirements

a setup program

the first layer of asphalt shingles

laying asphalt shingles one by one in order, along the gable side and cornices to ensure that the first layer of asphalt shingles with the initial edge of asphalt shingles aligned, asphalt shingles should be closely linked together, but they can not produce squeeze, according to the front the fixing method fixes asphalt shingles. laying the first floor is the most critical, in the laying process of continuous inspection of asphalt shingles and the level of alignment is to ensure that this layer is very straight shop. a straight line aligned with the side of the first bitumen tile is used to ensure the alignment of the decorative seam.

the second layer of asphalt shingles

the first asphalt shingles on the second floor should be staggered by half a leaf on the side of the asphalt shingles in front of the second floor. then down with the entire asphalt shingles in turn laid down, the bottom of the second layer of asphalt shingles should be the first layer of asphalt shingles at the top of the decorative seam flush, so that will be the previous laying of asphalt shingles, the use of bomb level the bottom of the asphalt tile with the cornice parallel to the nail with asphalt shingles firmly fixed.

the third layer of asphalt shingles and continued layer

the first of the third asphalt shingles should be cut off the entire blade so that it is the first with the second layer of asphalt shingles staggered, and the bottom of asphalt shingles should be the same level with the second layer of asphalt shingles. then down with the entire asphalt shingles laid down in turn.

two negative angle

the asphalt shingles intersecting the roof may be laid on the two roofs at the same time in the direction of the gutter or separately on the opposite sides of the gutter, all at 75mm of the gutter centerline. after the asphalt shingles on the two roofs are completed, the asphalt on the gutter shall be laid watt. either way, first lay the first asphalt shingles along the eaves of one of the roofs and extend the gutter so that the last asphalt shingle in the floor extends to at least 300mm of the adjacent roof, the eaves of adjacent roofing shall be laid with the first layer of asphalt shingles and at the same time shall be extended to the gutters and to the previously laid asphalt shingles and shall be woven together with each other and the asphalt shingles shall be tightly pressed in the gully and fixedly closed gutter method of fixing asphalt shingles.

three ridge tiles

adjust the last few layers of roof tiles that can be covered by ridge tiles. ridge tile is cut from a single tile along the incision made.


proper nail fixing is crucial to the good performance of the roofing. in the installation to ensure that the nail is fixed correctly, the nail should be straight into the nail cap and the number of nails fixed according to the type of tile and roof slope, roof gradient greater than 60 degrees or windy areas require additional nails.

asphalt shingles themselves are self-adhesive, which allows the tiles to naturally bond when exposed to sunlight after paving. but in the hot and cold areas or larger slope roofing tiles need to use a dedicated asphalt glue or zhengyu company recognized asphalt glue.

· lu yang colored asphalt shingles can not be directly paved on the insulation layer. due to improper installation or does not meet the installation requirements arising from leakage, the company does not assume any responsibility.

asphalt tile pk cement tile


product shape


product color



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