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geotextile construction notice what

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geotextiles, also known as geotextiles, it is made of synthetic fibers through needle or braided water-permeable geosynthetics. here are some geotextile construction notes.

1, the use of buried to be used: cover thickness should not be less than 30cm

2, renovation impermeable system should be: cushion, impermeable layer, transition layer, protective layer.

3, the soil should be solid, to avoid uneven subsidence, cracks, seepage within the turf, tree roots to be cleared. surface contact with the membrane laying sand or clay particle size as a protective layer.

4, when laying the geomembrane do not pull too tight, both ends embedded in the soil part of the corrugated shape is better, especially with the rigid material anchoring, should leave a certain amount of expansion.

5, construction, should avoid stones, heavy objects directly hit the geomembrane, the best side construction, while the laying of membrane, while covering the protective layer.

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