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in fact, polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane can be understood separately. polymer refers to the finished product of polymer sheet material (pvc, eva, tpo, etc.); self adhesive refers to "self-adhesive rubber asphalt rubber". waterproof membrane is isolated waterproof membrane. these three things together constitute high molecular self-adhesive waterproof material. the price of shandong polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is introduced as follows:

1. if it is combined with the concrete layer, it will produce a waterproof layer with better quality. if two layers are combined with one layer, the performance will be improved and more reliable.

2. this kind of coiled material can also prevent the underground water seepage to a certain extent. the principle is the same as above: originally, the waterproof lines of the upper and lower layers are combined into one, and the upper layer can discharge water and the lower layer can prevent seepage, which is equal to the advantages of the two layers.

3. the construction technology requirements are flexible, and the skill difficulty is not high. this is not to say that anyone can do it. it means that under the same level, this coiled material is more convenient and flexible, and does not need to be excavated and diverted with great fanfare, which saves time and labor, and is also relatively simple in the later inspection process.

4. relatively strong corrosion resistance, general chemical substances are difficult to cause substantial damage to this coil material. it is enough for normal household use, and it is not easy to be damaged by some bacterial wastes produced in daily life, so as to prevent mildew and bacterial breeding.

5. it has a certain self-healing property, that is to say, it has strong recovery force under certain deformation pressure, and it will not be particularly "brittle". it has better physical properties, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and pressure resistance. it has a certain resistance to most natural damages.

6. the maintenance is convenient and the cost is easy to control. the price of coiled material itself has nothing outstanding. the key is that if it is damaged carelessly, because of the simple construction, the labor cost will be greatly reduced, and if you want to replace it, you can not have to worry about wasting too much.

the above is the introduction of small polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane what characteristics, i hope you have some understanding!


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