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polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane can be applied to various concrete roof waterproofing in industry and construction industry, basement, subway tunnel, air raid shelter, grain depot, garbage disposal and other waterproof projects. so what are the precautions for the transportation and packaging of polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane? the price of shandong polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is introduced as follows:

1. polymer self-adhesive waterproof membrane shall be packed in plastic woven bags.

2. during transportation, it is strictly forbidden to get close to the fire source to prevent collision and ensure the package is intact.

3. the products should be stored in a cool and ventilated place. the coiled materials should be placed horizontally. the stacking height should not exceed four layers. it is forbidden to approach the fire source.

4. under normal storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life of the product is 12 months. if the shelf life exceeds the shelf life, it can be inspected according to the items specified in this standard, and can still be used if the composite requirements are met.

the above is the introduction of polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane transport packaging need to pay attention to, i hope you have some understanding!


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